Casino Slots Online

Over the past several years, the demand for engaging, entertaining online casino content has been increasing exponentially. Nevertheless, this increase has been coupled with an rapid diversification with regards to the type of devices being used to play casino slots online. While most gaming enthusiasts still rely on desktop computers to enjoy their favorite flash based games, HTML5 is quickly gaining ground as the platform of choice, because it allows users to enjoy the same high quality, cinematic 3D experiences on a wide variety of different mobile phones and tablets.

Cross platform compatibility has always been a challenge for software developers. Betsoft made a name for itself by producing some of the most engaging, awe inspiring 3d gaming experiences on the planet. The vast majority of our most popular products have consisted of online slots. In the past, we relied chiefly on Adobe FlashTM technology make games that give players the sensation they are inside a virtual world. WIth FlashTM quickly being phased out, however, we have taken great strides toward developing mobile friendly solutions.

The introduction of our ToGo™ line of mobile games, brought the best of Betsoft to handheld devices, thus enabling a whole new generation of players to enjoy playing casino slots online, from the comfort of their IOS or Android devices.

The next logical extension of this phase in our company’s growth was our development of the revolutionary Shift™ Platform. Through this unique technology, we have leveraged the experience gained through the creation of mobile first HTML5 games into a cross-platform solution that no longer distinguishes between devices. In addition to a broad variety of features such as enhanced security, drastic improvements in load time as well as content that has been optimized from the ground up, Shift™ Platform takes online casino slots into the 21st century ,serving as an all-in-one solution for operators seeking to expand their horizons by offering the same experience and quality to every type of player.

A Truly Responsive Online Slots Experience

Although responsive web design has been gaining traction for years, and has now become the industry standard, the challenge for online casino operators has been to serve the same content across a variety of devices. While casino sites traditionally consisted of two separate versions (mobile and desktop), which relied on browser based javascript code in order to redirect users accordingly, mobile first responsive design is predicated on the novel idea that serving the same content to all users is possible by adjusting the code to fit the viewport, rather than the operating system itself.

Nevertheless, even if the front end of a gaming portal is based uses HTML5 markup that responds to changes in the size of the viewport in a dynamic fashion, game content still needs be served on a case by case basis. That is to say, it did… until now. With technology that allows the same game to be served on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, complete with equally stunning cinematic 3d graphics and interactive features, the problem of truly responsive web development for igaming has been solved. Users can now play casino slots online, whether they are doing so from their home office, living room, gymnasium or even from a park bench.

We Produce Some of The World’s Finest Interactive Casino Slots Games

Shift™ Platform provides added value and innovation to what is already widely regarded as one of the best selections of online casino games in the industry. What truly separates us from most other providers is the cinematic quality of our inventory. We rely on a unique group of talented artists, designers, 3D modelers, animators and programmers, who consistently produce titles that keep players interested and excited, thus producing profits for our clients. We aren’t ashamed to say that our 3D slots are the best. On the contrary, we take pride in being a hugely popular choice for both operators and players alike.