Live Casino Guide 2023

It used to be a common criticism from people who chose to try their luck in an online casino. Despite the fact that online playing is of course much more comfortable, there was a loss of realism. At first sight that does not seem like a big problem, but especially for the more experienced players, this was an eyesore. At a certain moment the developers of online casino games also wanted to meet this requirement (s) from the target group, which created the live casino. Playing in a live casino means that the best of both worlds is combined and that turned out to be an absolute hit.

What exactly is a live casino?

At first sight it seems that there are only few differences between the regular, digital casino games and the games that are offered in the live casino part. However, this is not entirely true. A characteristic of live casino games is that they are run by real croupiers. At first sight this may not seem like a big difference, but it is. This is the only way to significantly change the gaming experience. It goes without saying that the presence of real croupiers is of course not the only difference with the regular casino games. What about, for example, the action that is being portrayed? Where everything at normal casino games is of course completely digital, this does not apply to live casino games. After all, a live webcam connection is used for this.

The above ensures that live casino games are actually played in a real casino somewhere in the world. You as a player just follow the course of the game by means of the placed webcam. Where exactly the gaming table you participate in is always dependent on, among other things, the online casino at which you play. In the majority of cases, however, it should be remembered that the gaming table is located in one of the many casinos on the sunny island of Malta. Gibraltar and Curaçao are also particularly popular places where live gaming tables are used in casinos.

Which games can you play in a live casino?

One of the first questions you will probably ask about playing in a live casino concerns the games that are offered in it. The range of games in a live casino can be quite diverse. However, in the majority of cases, there are three names that pop up everywhere. This includes:

The above three names were not chosen by chance. These games are known to enjoy a special popularity for many years. This was already the case in regular, physical casinos and that is no different online. The rules of these three casino games are therefore very accessible and the payout percentages are very attractive. Moreover, it is also true that the live variants of these table games are usually always offered in different versions. This makes them suitable not only for the more experienced, but also for the novice (online) gamblers.

As mentioned, the games offered in a live casino are by no means established. In concrete terms, this means that it is possible for online casinos to offer, for example, some extra titles. In practice, this may, for example, be a live lottery game. Do you intend to get started in a live casino? Then always make sure that you first carefully look at the different games that are offered in it. This way you can easily avoid any disappointment.

The advantages of playing in a live casino

When we talk about playing in a live casino, it goes without saying that you will be happy to know what exactly the benefits are associated with this. The main advantage lies in the fact that it all goes a lot more realistic compared to playing an ordinary digital casino game. This is largely due to the communication that is possible with the croupier. In addition, the actions that are performed are of course a lot more humane. However, this is not the only advantage. Did you also know that playing in a live casino ensures that you as a player are faced with just that little bit more challenge. Why is that? Very simple, because as a player you do not want to be inferior to the game management and / or the other players who have taken a seat at the table.

The above ensures that it is suspected that playing in a live casino is especially or actually only interesting for the more experienced players. However, this certainly does not have to be the case. Even the novice players can try their luck in a live casino without too many problems. They have to take into account that there is just a little extra pressure. There are special days when the croupiers explain the game during live baccarat . You will not experience this when playing a normal, digital casino game. In principle, partly because of this fact you have to decide for yourself as a player whether or not you can be found for the gaming experience in an online, live casino.

Are there also disadvantages?

In principle, there are no real drawbacks that are specifically associated with playing in a live casino. As indicated earlier on this page, it is true that there may be a certain extra pressure that you as a player will want to take into account. Can you handle this pressure and are you looking for an opportunity to combine the realism of a real casino with the comfort of an online gambling paradise? In that case you will find that playing in a live casino actually offers you everything you expect.

What might be considered as a disadvantage of a live casino is that you cannot try them for free compared to regular, digital casino games. This is of course because the croupiers have to be paid by the casino for their services. If you have the opportunity to try the games (endlessly) for free, this would always mean a financial disadvantage for the online casino and that of course cannot be the intention.