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Visa, the world’s second largest payment services company, also allows you to deposit money at online casinos. When there is a service outage in online banking, or there are problems with the bank’s online services, card deposit is usually successful. So at least the interruptions due to telecommunication problems don’t catch the moments of the game!

What are Visa Casinos?

Visa-accepting, i.e. virtually all casinos that require traditional registration, allow players to deposit and withdraw money securely and easily using a Visa debit card. When you deposit with Visa, it will be displayed in real time in your casino account and you will be able to play immediately. Visa has two deposit options: either on credit (Credit) or on the bank side (Debit). When you pay with credit, you don’t pay for your purchase right away, you get a credit card bill for your home.

When you pay on the bank side, the amount you deposit will be automatically deducted from your account. Whether you deposit with credit or with a bank, you can be sure that the deposit is always as fast and secure.

Visa casinos are usually traditional, ie casinos that require registration. Although casinos without registration have become very popular in recent years, many still prefer such traditional online casinos, in part because they offer a wide range of payment options.

If bad luck goes and your card is lost then there are plenty of options for payment methods. Express casinos are a relatively new acquaintance and it is usually not possible to deposit with Visa. These instant casinos usually use other payment service providers such as Trustly or Brite. These fast casinos therefore require the customer to have a passcode application provided by the bank and running on mobile, or alternatively a passcode card that many banks may have a history of.

So there are a lot of casinos that accept Visa, so there is more than enough choice. Although instant casinos are taking over the industry, there are many casinos that accept the Visa card and this is unlikely to change for a long time to come. Visa casinos are therefore a very good option for those who are primarily looking for a fast and secure payment method, as well as the opportunity to choose from hundreds of casinos of their choice.

How do Visa casinos work?

As mentioned above, Visa casinos are therefore casinos that accept card deposits at Visa. Fast and secure payment can be considered an advantage of Visa casinos. Visa casinos are often more versatile in terms of features and payment methods. For example, you can make a deposit with Visa, but you can withdraw money using another payment method. This usually required confirmation of a new form of payment. Visa casinos also have great bonuses that many new instant casinos do not offer.

Visa Electron also works in the same way at online casinos for payment, although in that case, of course, the account must have a margin to make a deposit.

Visa casino withdrawal

When the winnings hit, it’s time to start thinking about repatriation. If depositing with Visa has been made easy, there is a withdrawal made even easier. When making a withdrawal, you need to navigate to “Withdrawal” on the casino website and there you will find all possible withdrawal methods. Usually, casinos only allow withdrawals in the same way as a deposit is made, in this case with a Visa card.

Usually, when withdrawing from Visa, you do not have to re-enter the card information separately, but the information is saved on the page when making a deposit, so when making a withdrawal, all you have to do is enter the amount and press the “Withdraw” button. Withdrawals at Visa are relatively fast, this of course depends on the casino, but generally it takes about 1-3 banking days for a card to be withdrawn. That is, at its fastest, you can get money into your account in a day.

Withdrawals are therefore very quick and easy at Visa, although withdrawals directly to a bank account often take place as soon as the casino has approved the withdrawal. Visa also has one advantage over online banking withdrawals: in casinos, when there are possible limits on how much money you can withdraw at a time or possibly a monthly limit per account, this limit is usually higher for Visa withdrawals.

Visa Casinos – Pros and Cons in Pounds

Now we could go through the pros and cons of Visa payment a bit. We can start with the plus.

  • The payment instrument for the deposit can be found in almost every wallet
  • Depositing at Visa is safe and most importantly fast
  • Visa deposits at Visa casinos are free at almost all casinos, meaning there are no separate processing fees.
  • When depositing at Visa casinos, you can also use Visa’s credit feature, meaning you can deposit today and pay your future credit card bill later


  • Withdrawals are slower than with many other payment methods

The only downside is the slower withdrawal than newer payment methods, but here, too, there is no talk other than the usual 3 banking days, so if waiting a couple of days doesn’t hurt, then this is not a big downside. So it’s a pretty good way to pay.

Reliability and security are top notch at Visa when you pay

As it turned out before, Visa is really safe to pay . The first security feature on Visa and other credit cards is the 3-digit certificate on the back of the card, which ensures that the cardholder has made the purchase. That is, the name and card number alone do not go far. Another big security factor for players is the strong authentication that came into the law a few years ago.

The law requires banks and other financial institutions to identify the person who made the purchase. This authentication is usually done through the bank’s own PIN application or with a mobile certificate. That is, both the customer and the casino benefit when payment is secure. In other words, when using the visa, you can be sure that even if you have to enter your bank card information on the website, no one else will be able to use it.

Depositing at Visa casinos with a card is therefore effortless and very secure. Thus, some casinos may also have a Verified by Visa ID to indicate that the Website is trustworthy and meets the criteria for a secure service. If you find a casino with this ID then know that all card information is secure. Without further ado, I strongly recommend Visa as a payment method at online casinos that allow it.

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